Why Us

Urbanserves understands the escalating needs of the generation and their love for eclectically made ceramicsCeramics is an integral part of your life - it defines you, enchants you, fascinates you, ensnares you completely. It is a beautifully carved and sculpted epitome of  Your Own Uniqueness. Ceramics is “YOU”.

Here at Urban Serves, we make an effort to satiate you desire, your passion for vibrantly sensuous hues. We present you with an assortment of intricately hand-crafted dinnerware, exquisite collection of table ware, drink ware and many others. With a rich legacy of almost 35 years in Ceramic Industries, We are the connoisseurs of Ceramics. We are Urban Serves.

We at Urban serves are a one way solution to all your needs : gifts to corporate business partners, gifts to family friends, anything! We have an exclusive and dedicated part in our website for each of your choices! Take a tour through our virtual bliss! 

What We Offer